Missouri Republicans Advocate Abortion Murder Charges In New Proposed Legislation

If Missouri Republicans wonder WHY they're losing the current polling on this issue . . . Recent policy ides from the boondocks might provide some indication . . .

"The bills, sponsored by Representative Bob Titus (R-Christian County) and Senator Mike Moon (R-Ash Grove), would each give an unborn child the same rights as someone already born. If either bill survives the lengthy legislative process, those who undergo abortions could face criminal charges if they receive an abortion in Missouri."

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Abortions Would Lead to Murder Charges Under 2 Missouri Bills

Mike Moon is at it again

Missouri lawmakers propose allowing homicide charges for women who have abortions

Some Republican Missouri lawmakers are renewing their call to allow homicide charges against women who have abortions.

Prefiled bills would authorize murder charges against women who get abortions - Missourinet

Women in Missouri could be charged with murder if they get an abortion under two bills pre-filed in the Missouri legislature. The "Abolition of Abortion in Missouri Act" is sponsored by State Rep. Bob Titus, R, Billings, in the House and State Sen. Mike Moon, R-Ash Grove, in the Senate.

Related and a glmipse at disorgnaization on the Democratic Party side as well . . .

Missouri abortion-rights amendments face 'torturous' process to make it to 2024 ballot * Missouri Independent

Two coalitions are trying to put abortion on the 2024 ballot in Missouri. The time and cost of running successful campaigns is substantial.

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