Missouri Minimum Wage Outpaces Paltry Kansas Entry-Level Compensation

This disparity matters in the Kansas City metro given that workers shouldn't feel guilty about demanding more cash and leveraging their skills in the open market. 

Also . . . Anybody paying $7.25 an hour is ripping off workers. 

Here's the data to back it up:

"Missouri’s minimum wage increases again on Jan. 1, 2024. The minimum wage in Kansas will stay the same. The difference separated by the state line will be $5.05."

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'Show-Me' the money: Kansas, Missouri minimum wage gap increases

Missouri's minimum wage, but not Kansas, will increase January 1, leaving the gap between the two states at $5.05 an hour.

Missouri minimum wage set to increase in 2024, many KC businesses already pay above new minimum

Missouri's minimum wage is increasing from $12 to $12.30 in 2024, but many employers in the Kansas City area have already been paying well above this amount.