Missouri Keeps McCloskey Guns

Right now we feature a recent court opinion . . . And a perspective . . .


Seriously . . . You're watching way too much Newsmax if you think this guy has a case. In fact, we've been impressed by our PRO-2ND-AMMENDMENT friends who admit this guy's gun waving was out of line. And his wife doesn't know how to hold a gun. 

Still . . . We know that it's rough whenever the state takes away somebody's weapons and the only teachable moment we can pull form this sordid story is that waving around heavy artillery for the cameras is ALWAYS a bad idea for both rappers & right-wingers.

Accordingly . . .  .

Missouri Court of Appeals decision in McCloskey v. State, written by Judge James M. Dowd and joined by Judges John P. Torbitzky and Michael S. Wright:

"While we agree that the pardon restored all of his rights forfeited by the conviction and removed any legal disqualification, disadvantage, or impediment, Missouri law is unequivocal that a gubernatorial pardon obliterates the fact of the conviction, not the fact of guilt. Thus, McCloskey's guilty plea, for which he obtained the benefit of the State dismissing a felony charge punishable by jail time, survived the pardon and importantly, with respect to the issue at hand in this replevin action, triggered the guns' forfeiture. Therefore, since McCloskey's guilt remains, it follows that he is not entitled to the return of the weapons…."

As expected . . . The rhetoric against the mostly repellent McCloskey has been fast & furious . . . 

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Mark McCloskey Fails Yet Again to Get His Guns Back

Is anyone really surprised?