Missouri AG Lawsuit Against Jackson County Property Tax Assessments ALMOST Explained

As we noted this morning there are political consequences to this Jackson County Property Tax Assessment hot mess . . . However . . . The legal battle offers far more complicated challenges to denizens of the discourse.

Here's the main dilemma: 


Be careful with your answer . . . 

What's at stake here is nothing more or less than the future of Jackson County. 

If progressives & moderate Democratic Party denizens portray this as a politically motivated legal challenge than they're basically begging for more taxes and condemning so many locals to government enforced & mandated poverty. 

Meanwhile . . . 

If this lawsuit garners even a modicum of traction without much local political outcry . . .  Then the incompetence of the current regime at the courthouse is obvious to most reasonable people and the vast majority of voters. 

Preview . . . Our TKC blog community is already waiting for the newspaper to call this effort "racist" even if this legal action might benefit a great many locals on the low-end of the income spectrum.

 For now, we check the basics and some of the best reporting on the topic today:

Attorney General Andrew Bailey said he filed the suit, along with the State Tax Commission, against the county "for its failure to follow the law in assessing and levying taxes."

The news comes one day after the Missouri state auditor released initial findings from an audit on the county's property assessment process. Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick said the county was not compliant with state law.

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Missouri AG suing Jackson County over property assessments

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced Tuesday he is suing Jackson County for what he alleges are illegal property assessments.

Attorney general's lawsuit against Jackson County seeks to void assessment increases above 15 percent

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey filed a lawsuit against Jackson County Tax Assessor Gail McCann Beatty and the county's vendor Tyler Technologies.

Missouri Attorney General sues Jackson County over 'illegal' property assessments

The lawsuit from Republican Andrew Bailley alleges that Jackson County's assessment process was unlawful and filled with systemic failures, "from failing to provide proper notice and inspections under the law, to coercing property owners to drop their appeals."

Vast majority of Jackson County property assessments likely invalid, state auditor charges; cap being sought

(The Center Square) - Republican Missouri Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick on Monday said 200,000 homeowners in Jackson County "were victims of a flawed and inadequate assessment process." An audit ...

Missouri AG, State Tax Commission sue Jackson County over assessment process

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey and the State Tax Commission announced Tuesday they plan to file a lawsuit against Jackson County for its 2023 property assessment process.

Missouri Attorney General files lawsuit against Jackson County over property tax assessment process

Monday the State Auditor released findings saying the county assessment department did not follow state law in the valuation process.

How to pay your Jackson County property taxes under protest

Attorney Sherry DeJanes says paying your property taxes under protest simply means you're paying your taxes, but you're protesting the amount that you owe.

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