Merry Christmas Kansas City 2023

More than anything else this morning . . .


Consider . . .

Already we've received more than a couple of really nice messages from our blog community and we wanted to take this space to return warm fuzzies to all of Kansas City and the metro area.

More than anything we are grateful that this small corner of the Internets still manages to serve as a place to discuss, decipher and brood over the local news. 

We'll try to keep it going as long as humanly possible . . . And, even better, we hope to keep trying new things and maybe even grow this bloggy project just a bit. 

We very much appreciate kind words sent our way . . . But the readers deserve credit for keeping this blog afloat and keeping things not just relevant . . . But captivating at times, always snarky and most importantly . . . FUN. 

None of this is worth doing if it's not fun.

So don't just wish happy holidays to your 2nd favorite blogger . . . But let's celebrate the gift that is this blog community that continues to share jokes at the expense of local politicos better than any other cowtown publication. 

For that we that we are truly grateful. 

Again . . . 


Here are we wish everyone the very best even if we vehemently disagree with just about everybody at some point. 

There might be another update after the game.

Drive carefully today. 

And again, thank you for coming with us this far.