Mayor Q's Kansas City Housing Policy Follows Tragic Example Of STL

Ending so-called "income discrimination" sounds nice but in reality it basically translates to "free rent" with no background checks. 

What's worse and what our blog community has warned against . . .


That's a bad idea, a recipe for disaster and takes advice from a place much worse than this cowtown.

We talked about this topic last week and now conservatives and tax fighters take a moment to expound on the legislation in progress . . . Check-it:

“It’s unnecessary. It’s not going to help anybody. But it is going to hurt people,” says David Stokes, director of municipal policy at The Show-Me Institute free-market institute. “And it is a total intrusion of local government into the business of being a landlord in a way that they have no right to do – and no need to do.”

In a statement issued by far-left group KC Tenants, Mayor Quinton Lucas says the ordinance, to be taken up Dec. 12 by the city council’s Special Committee for Legal Review he chairs, would ban “source of income discrimination,” which “is very basic commonsense.”

“It says very simply that you cannot be discriminated against when you are renting in Kansas City.”

Yet it disallows landlords from taking into account almost everything they take into account when renting out houses and apartments.

“I mean, what are landlords supposed to rely on otherwise?” asks Stokes. “You’re just basically telling them that they have to accept anybody who applies, no matter if they don’t have any money, if they have terrible credit, if they’ve been evicted all over the place. Anybody they refuse now is going to be able to sue and file a complaint. And perhaps that’s what some of the people sponsoring this bill want.”

Stokes said Kansas City would be one of just a handful of cities in Missouri hamstringing landlords thusly, the first outside of the St. Louis area.

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