Liberty Hospital Struggles Against Haxxorz

Update on medical drama and worsening American Internets security . . .Check-it:

"Liberty Hospital announced on Dec. 22 that it was open to ambulances, accepting walk-in patients and performing low-risk surgeries in its operating rooms, outpatient surgery department and its birthing center. All of its clinics were welcoming patients.

"The hospital's IT team and third-party cybersecurity specialists worked to determine the cause of the outage and revive the affected systems. While specialists determined
the outage was caused by a cybersecurity incident, additional details are not known at this time."

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Liberty Hospital determines 'cybersecurity incident' disrupted computer system

A cybersecurity incident was the cause of a communications systems outage at Liberty Hospital on Dec. 19, the hospital shared in a release Thursday evening.

Liberty Hospital confirms cyberattack led to computer issues

LIBERTY, Mo. - Liberty Hospital has confirmed its computer problems that started last week are the result of a cyberattack. When the issue began Dec. 19, the hospital said it proactively took...