Legal Fight Argues Against Christian Music In Kansas Schools

Context is important in this debate amid the holiday season wherein locals happily belt out songs of praise to clandestine pagan idols . . . Here's the word . . .

"Two specific songs,'Praise His Holy Name' and 'Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel' — and concerns about how the teacher presented them to students — sit at the center of the complaint.

"Public schools can legally teach religious music in certain contexts, such as educating students on a musical genre or historical period. Schools fall into potential trouble when teachers proselytize, lead students in devotional activity or select Christian music without a secular purpose.

"The Freedom From Religion Foundation contends that the teacher veered into unconstitutional territory, arguing that the songs were merely worship and didn’t have particular historical or educational value."

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Does Christian music belong in Kansas public schools? It depends

A Kansas choir teacher got pushback from the Freedom From Religion Foundation after leading her students in a spiritual often interpreted as a plea for release from slavery.