Kansas School Choice Fight Erupts Amid 'Open Enrollment' Debate

A court fight looms as Kansas public education worsens . . . Check-it:

School choice advocates cast doubt on the negative impacts of the open enrollment policies. Elizabeth Patton, the statewide director for Americans for Prosperity, said districts' open enrollment policies were more restrictive than opponents of a statewide open enrollment let on.

“Why are they so upset if most districts were doing it anyway,” Patton said. “From the data we were looking at, that’s not actually true.

Patton believes mandatory open enrollment empowers parents and families more options and flexibility within the public school system. School choice advocates say they support any type of policies that allow more flexibility in the schools that children attend.

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Fight over school choice looms in Kansas Statehouse as districts implement open enrollment

Kansas approved an open enrollment policy, allowing students to opt into public schools they're not geographically located in.