Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids Ranks Amongst 'Out 100' Again

We notice that the incumbent has been keeping a low profile ahead of 2024.

However . . .

This week one of the nation's most prominent LGBT publications sent the JoCo congress-lady a Christmas card love letter. 

Check the money line . . .

Even though the Sunflower State very rarely sends Democrats to the House, Davids handily defeated a Republican challenger in 2022 in a newly drawn third district that skewed more red. She did so while never tempering her support for reproductive freedoms, voting rights, and LGBTQ+ equality.

A former lawyer, Davids says her life outside of politics has aided her political career and endeared her to her constituents. “I never intended to be in Congress, so there were so many institutional and financial challenges I faced to get here,” Davids says. “However, being a regular person has also made me a stronger representative because I have felt many of the common daily struggles that Kansans face. It gives me with greater insight into why the policies we’re working on are so impactful.”

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