Kansas 'Open Enrollment' Sparks Growing Concerns Amongst Parents

Kansas public schools are prepping one of the biggest changes to public education in years.

Here's another glimpse at the ongoing discussion . . .

HB 2553 mandates open enrollment starting next school year. It allows a students to transfer to or attend any district in the state.

The Kansas Board of Education and several school districts have expressed concerns. Some parents aren't on board with it either.

"Its a double-edged sword. There are parts of me that think its a wonderful idea; then, I don't know," said a parent in the Olathe School District.

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'It's a double-edged sword': Parents brace for changes as Kansas schools prepare for new open enrollment law

As the end of this year approaches, 2024 will start with change for all Kansas public schools. School districts have until Jan. 1 to submit their plans to accommodate a new state law.