Kansas GOP Honcho 'Open' To Death Bed Weed Despite Widespread Support For Legalization

This somewhat recent Sunflower State quote shows us that Kansas Republicans continue to lag behind most of the American electorate in this battle of the drug war that was lost more than a decade ago. 

Here's the word:

“I’m actually open to true medical marijuana—or to palliative care,” Kansas State Senate President Ty Masterson (R) added. “I am open to that. I’m not saying no, I’m just saying we don’t have any real studies on dosage and distribution because you don’t know. Where else do you smoke medicine, right? I mean, you don’t.”

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The GOP Kansas Senate leader says he's "open" to medical marijuana-but only in restricted form for seriously ill or terminal patients. And he might want to do a pilot program first before potentially expanding the limited reform. During an interview with KCUR that aired on Thursday, Senate President Ty Masterson (R) was asked about his [...]