Kansas City Wheel Review: No Parking

A quickie TKC Reader message to us today . . .

"TKC, was going to try out the wheel today and grab some pix for you. I was even going to burden myself with the expense and not send you an invoice. WAY TOO CROWDED and no place to park. They only had about 10 spaces. Didn't feel like walking from the liquor store. Sorry." 

Consider that a lukewarm review with a bright side . . . 

It would be worse if nobody was there . . . BUT, clearly there is a lot of interest . . . Maybe more if they woulda had Vanna White or some other beloved old school celeb serve to mark the grand opening rather than just a surprise announcement right after an inspection FAIL.   

Here's a more upbeat analysis from newsies who were granted early access and didn't have to deal with parking problems like the rest of the plebs . . .

"Located next to the highway in the Westside neighborhood, about half a mile from Union Station, the wheel does provide a panoramic, albeit obscured, view of the city.

"You’ll see Penn Valley Park to the south, Liberty Memorial and (some of) Union Station to the east, and rail yards and eight lanes of traffic to the west."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com links . . .

We rode Kansas City's new Ferris wheel for the best view of the skyline; Here's what we saw

Although it's been visible from the ground for months, the 150-foot KC Wheel is now open to ride for a panoramic, albeit obscured, airborne view of Kansas City. With climate-controlled gondolas and a putt-putt course below, the wheel is the first installment of the Pennway Point entertainment district.

KC Wheel opens, adds new light to city skyline, sparks hope for new economic growth

KC Wheel opened Thursday sparking hope for new economic growth in an area just south of downtown Kansas City, Missouri.