Kansas City Talker Scott Parks Announces Divorce In Cringey Radio Confession

The personal turmoil of a Kansas City talker is now content fodder for the last remaining fans of terrestrial radio. 

Earlier today his broadcasting pal Dan Wright described her show's offerings this way . . .

"That one episode where Scott gets a divorce."

A bit more compassionately, and after she added a promotional link, she noted . . .

"We love you Scott Parks ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"

Obviously, that feeling might not be mutual throughout the metro given the often divisive political tone of Mr. Parks . . . BUT here at TKC we hope the dude is doing okay after a recent sabbatical and this marital end game confession for the holiday season. 

Thinking about it a little bit more . . . We're apologize if the post title "cringey" description seems too harsh. But personal disclosure is probably the worst way to entertain an audience . . . Especially when it comes to somewhat recent drama. 

Maybe, over the course of weeks & months, Mr. Parks will enlighten his audience with his theories on the decline of marriage in the U.S. and that conversation would be more useful to everyone rather than intimate disclosures dripping with the moist pulp of raw emotion.

Or they might just talk about the unbearable lightness of fast food customization for a few hours.

Take a listen via www.TonysKansasCity.com embed . . .