Kansas City Streetcar Construction KILLED Midtown 2023 Christmas Shopping

Maybe this is a story of salvation . . . Old school Midtown KC biz must sacrifice themselves for the benefit of future merchants.

More likely it's just more bad planning that's characteristic of the toy train system that STILL has yet to produce the economic benefit promised . . . Our favorite example . . . At the apex of the current line, at the "busiest" stop in the heart of downtown . . . Lies an empty restaurant.

Now, here's a Kansas City biz searching for the yearbook answer to bad situation . . .

“It’s so hard to understand, and it’s kind of a pain, but I’m a proponent of public transits, so I’m excited for whenever it comes in,” a Midtown merchant said. “I do have some family that don’t come down here as much, though, because of the constitution.”

Construction is expected to be completed by 2025.

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Streetcar construction in the way of holiday shopping

Many in the metro made their last push to get their final Christmas presents. Shoppers spent the day on Main Street and had to shuffle around streetcar construction.