Kansas City Still Loves Daisy Buckët

Despite culture war and political upheaval from all directions . . . Fact is, one of this town's most beloved performers has a new release on the way and her fans come from a wide cross-section of this town's populace . . . Here's a worthwhile write-up worth checking:

Daisy Buckët is best known for her insanely beautiful singing voice, and her second album, Welcome to Springfield, just dropped this fall. After setting the bar high with her first album, Pansy, which won “Best New Local Album” in The Pitch in 2018, her newest effort won the same award this year.

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Daisy Buckët Does it Again: Welcome to Springfield pays tribute to a queer icon and is well-deserving of "Best New Local Album"

Courtesy image Drag queen Daisy Buckët (aka Spencer Brown) has played a big part in the LGBTQ+ scene in Kansas City for over 15 years, winning "Best Drag Queen" in 2019, 2021, and 2022 in The Pitch-not to mention receiving coverage in national publications such as The New Yorker, Forbes Magazine, and CNN.