Kansas City Star Scribe Claims 'Calculated' Civil War Conversation From Guv Nikki Haley

And we'll reveal our TKC bias with this one . . .

This debate is silly . . . 


Because the U.S. might be in a proxy world war that nobody is talking about right now, there is still the threat of recession and millions of Americans are struggling to keep up with inflation. 

Accordingly . . . Arguments over crackpot history theories is the least of all problems confronting American voters. 

And yet . . .

Political hacks and even Pulitzer Prize winners have shared thousands of words on the topic. 

Take a peek at the latest offering from our almost daily newspaper:

"The somewhat surging Republican presidential candidate’s supposed “blunder” was her response to a man who’d asked her at a New Hampshire town hall on Wednesday what had caused the Civil War. Only, she answered this question pretty much as she has before, with some blah blah about the role of government. Missing from her answer, once again, was this word: slavery.

"A blunder is a stupid or careless mistake. And Haley’s answer was not careless, but calculated."

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Stop calling what Nikki Haley said about the Civil War a 'blunder' or 'gaffe' | Opinion

A blunder is a stupid or careless mistake. And her answer about what caused the Civil War was not careless, but calculated. From Melinda Henneberger: