Kansas City Royals Secretly Meet In Jackson County Amid Rising Sales Tax Doubt

Okay, maybe it wasn't a secret meeting if there's a news story about it . . . Nevertheless . . . 

More than anything else . . . The recent defeat of the "use" tax signals a rebellion from Eastern Jack and calls into question the ability of the courthouse to deliver the BILLIONS the home team demands. 

Here are the basics of a recent magical gathering that didn't earn much fanfare . . .

The Kansas City Royals President of Business Operations Brooks Sherman was seen walking out of the courthouse Wednesday afternoon just before 4:55 p.m. Donovan was seen leaving then too.

The meeting comes as some leaders express concern if Jackson County residents aren't voting on this in April of 2024, the teams might consider stadium sites across the state line.

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Will Chiefs, Royals compromise to get stadium tax on Jackson County ballot?

Chiefs president Mark Donovan met with Jackson County leaders in a closed session Wednesday. FOX4 learned the Royals and Chiefs may be ready to compromise to a stadium deal gets on the ballot.