Kansas City Royals Departure From Metro Seems More Likely

Again . . . 

Credit to TKC insiders who gave us the only real metric worth watching. If the Royals don't get something on the ballot by January 23rd than we really are looking at the last days of the franchise at the K.

More to the point because we won't just dwell on a bunch of dudes chasing around a ball or developers scheming for more taxpayer cash. 

Right now Mayor Q is the only dude giving assurances about the team staying in Kansas City. And again, this is the same guy who promised to try and get the homicide rate below 100 but we're now confronting another RECORD YEAR FOR KCMO KILLING. That's more important than baseball but a sign that the current administration is content to take bold stances via social media, throw money at problems and the ignore accountability or creating any REAL WORLD change. 

There's a lot of content out there on this topic but this passage speaks volumes about the current departure that seems increasingly inevitable . . .

"Add to this mess a disgruntled fanbase, many who still love Kauffman Stadium and would be perfectly happy to continue to see the Royals play there and you have the makings of a PR disaster. If the K were a crumbling pit, say along the lines of Oakland Coliseum, then fans would be clamoring for a move, guaranteed. They’d open their wallets for a new stadium. Kansas City fans love their Royals and Chiefs and take pride in the fact that the Truman Sports Complex looks as good today as when the respective facilities opened in 1972 and 1973. I must admit, when I’m driving east on I-70 and come around that corner and the scoreboard then the upper deck comes into view, I still get goosebumps. Even at the age of 50, it’s still a dynamite looking stadium.

"To add to this brewing stew, the Royals have publicly said that Kauffman needs to be replaced because the foundation is suffering from “concrete cancer”. Across the parking lot, the Chiefs seem content to continue to play at Arrowhead for the next decade or more. Then word leaked last week that the Chiefs are considering alternative sites, including across the state line in Kansas. What the holy hell is going on here? All of this naturally raises the question, is the Royals ownership group being honest about the condition of the K? Are they being honest about their intentions for this team?"

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