Kansas City Public Library 150th Anniversary Celebration Starts This Week

Here's an introductory preview of an introductory conversation AND a glimpse at the guiding philosophy of this iconic local institution . . . Check-it:

Good vibes don’t come out of thin air. Community-wide good vibes take some work and are a product of factors like good planning, collaboration, and shared spaces. Tommi Laitio, an expert in library and public park design and governance, discusses his research on the natural state of friction between religious, social, and cultural practices and how shared public institutions like libraries can facilitate a confluence of friendship and joy, or conviviality.

The Kansas City Public Library launches a yearlong celebration of the 150th anniversary of its founding with a special presentation by the Finnish-born scholar, urbanist, and innovative civic leader.

The former executive director of culture and leisure for the Finnish capital of Helsinki, Laitio examines the concept of transforming communities through the design of libraries, parks, and other public spaces for greater conviviality. “Parks and libraries,” he says, “can be inspiring and safe learning grounds for living in a diverse world and thus an essential component of democratic society, especially in times like today when polarized political conversations can cause us to feel divided.”

They "allow us to share resources without forcing us to shared action.”

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Cultivating Good Community Vibes: How Libraries and Parks Bring Us Together

Join us starting at 6 p.m. for a reception hour with food by Dutzel's Catering, music by The Phantastics, and two special drinks.