Kansas City Lift: Holiday Sweetness, Republican Entanglements & Tech Career Help

We've been a fan of actress hottie Sophie on this blog for more than a minute. Today her embrace of tech inspires our morning peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Tasty Kansas City Tradition

Russell Stover chocolates have been a holiday tradition for 100 years. They still bring cheer

The iconic Kansas City-based company is still growing, and attributes its success to the warmth and comfort people feel when they open the box and see the same candies they got from their grandmother.

Mum Picks Sides For X-Mas

Donna Kelce will be spending Christmas in Philadelphia with Jason

Donna Kelce has revealed she will be spending Christmas Day in Philadelphia with Jason and his family this year, instead of with Travis and girlfriend Taylor Swift in Kansas City.

Rock Chalk Battery Plant Still Has Juice

Panasonic still moving forward with Kansas factory after pulling plans for Oklahoma plant

Oklahoma lawmakers offered Panasonic a $698 million incentive package and funded $145 million in site improvements for an electric vehicle battery plant near Tulsa. The company said the decision won't affect its promised $4 billion factory in De Soto, Kansas.

Show-Me EPIC Legal Weed Cash

Recreational use marijuana sales become Missouri's newest billion dollar industry in 2023

Missouri's recreational marijuana sales are expected to reach $1.3 billion in 2023, the first year it is legal in the state.

Local Doggie-Style Disrupted

Kansas City's Bar K acquisition deal falls through

Bar K confirmed a deal to sell the Kansas City-based company to Diversified Partners has fallen through, keeping its headquarters in Kansas City.

Robot Tech Helps Adult Career Options

Porn star Sophie Dee creates AI doppelganger to generate income

Sophie Dee, a 39-year-old adult content creator based in Las Vegas, is partnering with an AI company to create a digital alter ego.

Prez Polling Plummets Again

Biden Ends 2023 With 39% Job Approval

Biden enters 2024 with a persistently low job approval rating of 39%, the worst of any modern-day president seeking reelection at the same point.

MAGA Election Talk On Record

Trump Caught On Tape Pressing Michigan Officials To Not Certify Election Results: Report

A Detroit News report revealed Trump personally spoke with Wayne County canvassers and asked them not to certify the 2020 election results.

First Family Op/Ed . . . 

Hunter Biden thinks the victim card will save him and dad, but he's damaged his character and hurt his father

Presidential son Hunter Biden is playing the victim card to attack House Republicans. He claimed the GOP is trying to "dehumanize" him, but he has only himself to blame.

Lady Leader Ensnared

Ronna McDaniel may be in big trouble

The RNC chair is said to have been involved in efforts to pressure Michigan officials to overturn the 2020 election.

America's Mayor Broke

Rudy Giuliani files for bankruptcy days after being ordered to pay $148 million in a defamation case

Former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani has filed for bankruptcy after a jury ordered him to pay $148 million to two election workers.

Warfront Needs Weed

Ukraine lawmakers vote to legalize medical marijuana and help ease stress from the war with Russia

Ukraine's parliament has voted to legalize medical marijuana after the war with Russia left thousands of people with post-traumatic stress disorder that many believe could be eased by the drug.

Terrorist Threats Double Down

Hamas says time is running out for Israel to bring hostages home alive

A Hamas spokesperson told Newsweek that "it is not known" how many hostages are still alive.

Tragic Toll Revealed

More than 20,000 Palestinians have been killed in the Israel-Hamas war, Gaza health officials say

Health officials in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip say more than 20,000 Palestinians have been killed in the war between Israel and Hamas. The figure amounts to nearly 1% of the territory's prewar population.

Mass Shooter In Europe Kills Father & Several Others

Prague wakes up in shock and horror after 'senseless' shooting attack leaves 14 dead | CNN

Prague is waking up to a state of shock and disbelief after a gunman killed 14 people and injured 25 more at Charles University on Thursday, the deadliest peacetime attack in the history if the Czech Republic.

Making New Friends Without Border Wall

Migrants are being released on U.S. streets at the border as shelters see record numbers

U.S. border facilities have a record number of migrants in custody as border agents try to release migrants as fast as possible to avoid overcrowding.

Cash For Opposition Offered

US says it is ready to support amended UN resolution aimed at boosting aid to Gaza

It was not clear whether other security council members, particularly Russia, would accept the changes when the vote takes place on Friday

Sky Watchers Witness Strangeness

UFO caught on camera hovering above Air Force 1 in Los Angeles

Plane enthusiasts Joshua and Peter Solorzano caught the UFO on camera hovering a KC-10 tanker jet near Air Force 1 in the skies above LAX Airport last week.

Old School Guru Shares Backstory Advice

At 66, Denise Austin Shares How to Get a 'Lifted Booty' and 'Toned Back' in Video

Denise Austin, 66, shared her favorite "compound move" for toning the "booty" and "back." She looked so toned demonstrating the move on Instagram.

Kicker Shares Tacit Accusations

Harrison Butker's perfect season was ruined by Deflategate 2.0

So maybe the circumstances weren't quite as big as the original Deflategate, but still...

Hipster Soundtrack Today

Single Sentence Singles: Holiday 2023 edition

Illustrated by Katelyn Betz In an effort to keep you all abreast of the latest local music that's not album or music video related, we present the latest installment of our irregular feature, Single Sentence Singles. We take a listen to the latest local singles to hit Soundcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, et al, and sum them up in one sentence.

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