Kansas City Highlights: Local Warnings, White House Money & Battle Against Machines

Right now hottie Sydney captures our imagination as we check pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Time To Sell Holiday Cheer

Collector returns to Kansas City area to buy your vintage toys

The Toy Scout is visiting Leavenworth and Independence this week to buy your vintage toys, including Barbies, Star Wars figures and more.

Urban Cold Weather Warning

Kansas City Fire Department Launches Outreach Campaign After Second Tragic Carbon Monoxide Incident

EllieAna HaleReporter In the occurrence of a second tragic incident regarding carbon monoxide fatalities within the span of two months, [...]

Cowtown Perspective From War Front

Kansas City-area man who volunteered with Global Care Force describes what Ukraine still needs

As the war between Ukraine and Russia continues, an aid package for Ukraine is still stuck in the U.S. Senate. Aid groups like Global Care Force say more help is desperately needed.

Local Tech Trouble

Liberty Hospital IT, computer issues enter second week

Liberty Hospital said third-party experts are involved helping discover the scope of an IT and computer systems issue that impacts hundreds of patients across the metro.

Another Last Look At Ur Paycheck

Hollywood Casino in KCK reveals its extensive sportsbook renovation

The $5 million renovation is a big upgrade for the area's only sports betting venue

Here's How Hollywood Hottie Earned EPIC Fame . . . 

Inside starlet Sydney Sweeney's rise to fame & why she 'won't stop' nude scenes

WITH a role in the latest Marvel movie, her own production company and dozens of big-brand modelling contracts, actress and sex symbol Sydney Sweeney has the whole of Hollywood at her feet. A slap ...

Prez Biden Awards Cash Prize For Eastern Europe War

Biden administration announces $250 million Ukraine military assistance package as US exhausts available funding | CNN Politics

The US State Department announced a $250 million Ukraine military aid package on Wednesday, the last such package the US will provide to Ukraine until Congress approves the Biden administration's funding requests.

Another MAGA Gag Order?!?

Jack Smith asks judge to bar Trump from making 'political attacks' in 2020 election trial

Special Counsel Jack Smith is seeking to bar former President Trump from making "political attacks" about his federal 2020 election subversion criminal prosecution at trial, urging a judge to bar Trump from claiming to jurors he is being selectively prosecuted and introducing certain other evidence. "Through public statements, filings, and argument in hearings before the...

Arguing Over New Friends

US and Mexico in talks to limit surge of migrants reaching border

Andrés Manuel López Obrador has said he wants US to reopen border crossings that were closed due to influx of arrivals

White House Defense Offends

House GOP asks if president obstructed impeachment inquiry over Hunter Biden subpoena

They are demanding that the White House provide documents related to the deposition.

Holy Land Tragedy Cont'd

Live updates: Israel-Hamas war, hostage negotiations, Gaza humanitarian crisis

Israel's war against Hamas in Gaza is far from ending, according to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. The defense minister also said Israel is in a "multi-arena war" in the region. Follow the latest news here.

Fight For Rights Against Machines

NY Times sues OpenAI, Microsoft for infringing copyrighted works

The New York Times sued OpenAI and Microsoft on Wednesday, accusing them of using millions of the newspaper's articles without permission to help train artificial intelligence technologies.

Tech Game Training

Ford Fund Fellowship ranks KC alongside Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas; opening applications to local entrepreneurs

The 16-week venture and leadership development initiative is designed to equip highly promising entrepreneurs and community leaders with the skills, resources, and experiences to grow their impactful ventures, said Milena Kirillova.

Late Year Dry Out

Slow moving winter storm slowly moving out of the metro

Snow has shifted to rain as lingering clouds hand around overnight into Thursday

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