Kansas City Free Buses Merely Serve To Justify Toy Train Streetcar Privilege?!?

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Before Kansas City enacted bus free rides . . . There as fierce criticism of the no fare streetcar. Even the staunchest advocate of the toy train couldn't justify the disparity. 

Accordingly . . . 

Kansas City public transit skeptics have long maintained that bus free rides are nothing more than a distraction away from toy train district developer "privilege" that garners millions worth of transit incentives that would be better spent on building better bus service. 

That's a conversation worth considering . . . Meanwhile, progressive media scribes keep on pounding away at the sketchy notion that everyone who disputes KC freebie bus rides is a racist . . . Check-it:

"Advocates consider free buses an equity issue, allowing people greater access to jobs, schools and health care in a far-flung city. Kansas City was the first large U.S. city to eliminate fares."

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Kansas City was a 'pioneer' of free buses. What would bringing back fares mean for residents?

Federal grants are helping researchers at the University of Missouri-Kansas City study whether keeping city buses free is sustainable. In collaboration with University Health, they'll also study the health impact on riders.