Kansas City Fight Against 'Undefeated' Bridge Already Going Horribly Wrong

Neighbors don't like the solution that might serve to damage more cars and turn this street into a turnstile for confused truckers. 

Here's another look at the sitch . . .

While the location of the support pole for the eastbound lanes isn’t cause for great concern, the location of the support pole on the east side of the bridge, directly in front of the Taqueria Mexico restaurant, causes great concern to the surrounding business and property owners.

“It’s right in front of our sign and they are giving no space for trucks to turn around other than our parking lot,” restaurant owner Daniel Yuman said.  “We are hoping to take action to see if there’s any way to move it or to compensate us for any damage done to our property and our customers and employee’s vehicles.”

A second engagement session became somewhat heated as Independence Avenue CID CEO Bobbi Baker-Hughes called the city out for poor engagement practices and failing to negotiate in good faith with community stakeholders.

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