Kansas City Documents 1700 Mostly Ignored Homeless Camp Reports

Tonight we take a glimpse at the worsening Kansas City metro crisis that's hitting critical mass on the South Side. 

The latest info that stands out given that our top photo is a reference to an "iconic" political stunt wherein a midtown Kansas City homeless camp was leveraged in order to garner MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to fund a sketchy freebie homeless housing program that ACTUALLY MADE THE KCMO PROBLEMS EVEN WORSE. 

Here's the data . . .

"Since January 2023, Kansas City has received over 1,700 reports of homeless encampments. City officials are paying attention to at least four that have sprung up along 71 Highway."

 Even more importantly here's the money line from a narrative that's worth a look. . . .

"Any goodwill was gone when the neighborhood heard gunshots coming from the general area of the homeless encampment."

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Hickman Heights homeless camp is one of 1700 reported in Kansas City

"These sites are popping up all over town, and it's a lot like playing 'whack-a-mole' if you don't go about this correctly."