Kansas City Crime Scene: Hate Crime Debate, Deadly Stray Bullets & Christmas Stealing

During this holiday season of crime we share EXCEPTIONAL CRIME REPORTING, police action and pending legislation . . .

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Kansas City woman killed by stray bullet right in front of sister

A Kansas City woman is remembering her sister's final moments after she was shot by a stray bullet right in front of her.

Kansas City Council moves forward on strengthening hate crime penalties

Multiple people spoke at the city council podium, pleading with city leaders to add stiffer penalties to deter the rising number of hate crimes in the city.

If a red traffic light never turns green, can you run it? What Missouri, Kansas laws say

When a traffic light is malfunctioning, state laws differ on whether drivers are allowed to proceed through a red light.

Missouri using home genealogy testing to solve crimes - Missourinet

Various law enforcement agencies across the country are using results from home genealogy test kits to solve criminal cases that have gone cold, and Missouri is no exception. Darren Haslag is a master sergeant with the Missouri State Highway Patrol who's assigned to the Division of Drug and Crime Control.

Former Belton substitute teacher sentenced for child sex crimes

A former Belton substitute teacher was sentenced in Cass County on Wednesday.

Lawsuit: Man was tased, denied care before death in Excelsior Springs jail

A Missouri family filed a wrongful death lawsuit over the 2022 death of 21-year-old Benjamin Chase, who died in the Excelsior Springs jail.

Inmate found dead at Lansing Correctional Facility was strangled, prison officials say

A man who was found dead inside his cell at the Lansing Correctional Facility on Nov. 25 was strangled, officials at the prison said.

Weed sales tax money could try to prevent violent crime in Kansas City

Kansas City could designate some of its marijuana sales tax revenue to Partners for Peace in an effort to prevent more violent crime,

Northland town hit by thefts targeting precious valuables

Police in Weatherby Lake, Missouri, say they are seeing an increase in reported thefts targeting unlocked cars and garages, especially at night.

KC-area police re-introducing program to help people battling drug addiction

One Kansas City metro police department is taking a unique approach to helping addicts recover, helping them get into inpatient care, which can be expensive.

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