Kansas City Christmas 2023: Good Deeds, MAGA Hellfire & Air Strikes

Tonight we share a few more stories on good deeds and the current state of our world by way of pop culture, politics, community news and top headlines.

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Kansas City Holiday Survival Skills Shared

Shelter KC is brightening Christmas for the homeless in Kansas City

A local Christian ministry for the homeless and addicted is providing community and resources for hundreds of struggling people this Christmas.

Midtown KC Acceptance

Missie B's Christmas dinner tradition, serving LGBTQ community for 50 years

Missie B's in Westport, opens their doors to serve a warm holiday meal, a tradition that started 50 years ago.

News From Our Betters

Kansas City stories that brought us joy in 2023, from the KCUR newsroom

Looking back on the year, Kansas City was filled with plenty of weird and wonderful moments - and not just when we won the Super Bowl. KCUR's newsroom picked out the stories that brought us happiness to report and read in 2023.

Help For The Troops Today

'This feels like home': Transitional housing center serves veterans on Christmas, year-round

Footprints: Heroes Home Gate is a transitional housing center for veterans living in the Kansas City area that was open Christmas Day to serve its residents.

White House To Do List Exposed

5 critical issues Biden must tackle to win reelection

President Biden will spend the next 11 months balancing the job of governing with his reelection bid, traveling the country as he seeks to convince voters he deserves a second term. The president has already signaled what key issues will be consistent parts of his pitch to voters, and he has in many ways already...

MAGA Troll Celebration

Trump wishes electric car supporters 'rot in hell' in Truth Social Christmas message

Trump also shared a meme claiming Santa voted for him, even though Santa is not a US citizen.

Prez On Warpath

Biden directed strikes in Iraq against Kataib Hezbollah on Monday after 3 US military members wounded | CNN Politics

US President Joe Biden directed strikes in Iraq against three locations used by Kataib Hezbollah and "affiliated groups" on Monday night, the White House said.

Holy Land Hot Mess Cont'd

No let-up in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza as Christmas dawns

Authorities in Gaza said one attack alone killed at least 68 people at a refugee camp. Pope Francis called for the release of hostages, freeing up of humanitarian aid and an end to the war during his annual Christmas Day mass.

Ukraine Trolls Vlad

There are memes already - Air Force spokesman on Russian fake news about downed F-16s

The Air Force of Ukraine has made fun of Russian propaganda reports that the Russian army has supposedly detected and shot down Western F-16 fighter jets in Ukraine.

South Of Border Road Trip

Migrant caravan in southern Mexico marks Christmas Day by trudging onward

Christmas Day meant the same as any other for thousands of migrants walking through southern Mexico: more trudging under a hot sun

Congress Lady Confronts Nasty Tactics

Marjorie Taylor Greene targeted by failed Christmas swatting attempt

Republican U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has been targeted with another swatting attempt at her Georgia residence.

Snow Daze Ahead

FORECAST: First Warn in place Tuesday for possible snow showers

Winter made a strong come back on Christmas Day! We should stay mostly dry through the rest of our evening, minus maybe a few flurries late tonight.

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