Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Lineman Show Off Custom Golf Cart Gifts From Paddy Mahomes

Just a bit more holiday cheer and a present that would brighten the holiday of almost any football fan:

Multiple Chiefs offensive linemen took to Instagram on Wednesday to thank Mahomes for getting them custom golf carts for Christmas. 

"Blocking for No. 15 means you get a chance to win a championship every year — and ride in style at Christmastime..."

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Patrick Mahomes Gives Huge Gifts to His Offensive Linemen

Just before Christmas, KC Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is gifting his offensive linemen golf carts for a job well done thus far this season.

LOOK: Patrick Mahomes gifted his offensive line golf carts for Christmas

Creed Humphrey and Donovan Smith showing their appreciation to Patrick Mahomes for gifting them Golf Carts for a Christmas present. #Chiefs pic.twitter.com/iMrPtEtdUH- Harold R. Kuntz...