Kansas City Chiefs WR Explains Why He Won't Bother Taylor Swift For Selfie

We've heard a lot of comments about the pop diva from KC baller . . . But this one is probably our favorite because it offers behind the scenes perspective and reminds us of the interpersonal politics at play amongst Super Bowl champs . . . Check-it:

“I’ve seen her, but I didn’t go up to her, like, ‘Can I get a picture?’ Nothing like that,” Rashee Rice explained. “Those guys like Trav and [Patrick Mahomes], those guys invite us out because they know that we’re the only guys that see them every day and see them for who they are,” the player explained.

“I wouldn’t go up to another dude’s girl and go, ‘Can I get a picture with your girl?’ Nah, nah. I don’t got nothin’ to do with that,” Rice said. He added, though, that his comments weren’t to be construed as dismissive. “I’m happy for Trav, and she’s real good support for the team,” the receiver noted. “She brought a lot of new fans to the team.”

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