Kansas City Centennial Report Exposed

Shared by one of our favorite local bloggers, here's a peek at important local document marking the upward progression of this town . . . Whilst we don't long for the "bad old days" mostly without indoor plumbing . . . We can only guess what the 2050 document might report and realize that it might not be as optimistic.

Here's a preview . . .

"Back in 1950 Kansas City prepared a City Manager's Centennial Report.  Rather than digesting it and parsing the interesting parts, I took some screen shots of the report and will just post them for you to read . . . You can read the cover and preamble with the City Administration section.  They give a glimpse into what Kansas City was like in 1950 and have some neat old pictures."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Line Creek Loud Mouth: 1950 Kansas City Manager Centennial Report, Part 1