Kansas City Celebrates Kwanzaa

We don't mind repeating ourselves regarding this local tradition. 

Because . . . 

If you haven't been to this EPIC Kansas City party then you don't really know what you're missing. 

TKC has attended a few of these gatherings and they're really fun. The drum circles are the best in the Kansas City metro and it's a safe and exciting excursion into a historic building. 

Seriously, it's impossible not to crack a smile and applaud in a room full of drums and cheering when the MC yells: "I'm ready for Kwanzaa!!!" At the very least, it's a welcomed alternative from so many downbeat and solemn Winter festivities.

Here's more background . . .

Each night, a candle is lit on the candle holder (Kinara). Families typically discuss each building principle and how it applies to their life.

There are a number of celebrations taking place both globally and locally, like the ones at the Gem Theater in Kansas City, Missouri.

The National Black United Fronts Kansas City chapter is spearheading a weeks worth of Kwanzaa events, and has done so for the past 42 years.

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'Tell one cohesive story': Kansas City-area organizations hard at work prepping for Kwanzaa celebrations

Tuesday, December 26 marks the first day of Kwanzaa, a holiday celebrating African American history and culture originally founded in 1966.