Kansas City 'Cannoli Mobile' Swiped Again

Kansas City south side crime impacts a beloved local chef . . . Again . . . Here's the story and a reminder that property crime continues to ramp up over the holidays.


"For the third time, someone has stolen the “Cannoli Mobile” van from the parking lot of Jasper’s Italian Restaurant in Kansas City. The van, which is used for catering and food deliveries, was stolen right before several busy days of holiday deliveries. Jasper Mirabile Jr.

"Right before the Christmas holiday, the owners of a Kansas City Italian restaurant are dealing with a cannoli-related caper.

"Jasper Mirabile Jr., co-owner of Jasper’s Italian Restaurant, said someone stole the restaurant’s “Cannoli Mobile” from its parking lot at 1201 W. 103rd St. Tuesday evening. The white Ford van is used for catering orders and has become a popular backdrop for patron’s photos, Mirabile said.

"The vehicle has been stolen twice before. One time, the van was missing for 10 days . . . Each time, the restaurant has paid to repair damages to the vehicle."

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A 'Grinch' stole Kansas City Italian restaurant's 'Cannoli Mobile.' They need help finding it

For the third time, someone has stolen the "Cannoli Mobile" from the parking lot of Jasper's Italian Restaurant in Kansas City.

'Not again': Cannoli mobile stolen during busiest season at Jasper's Italian Restaurant

Most of the time, the cannoli mobile at Jasper's Italian Restaurant is a novelty, but this time of year, it's vital to the Kansas City staple's operation.

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