Kansas City Activists 'Zero Fare' Forever Demands ALMOST Explained

Just in time for Christmas we share this wish list that imagines limitless resources and discounts how KCMO freebie bus rides have degraded the system overall according to passengers and bus drivers.

Nevertheless . . .

Here's the list of demands hoping to fix the crisis . . .

​​Sunrise Movement KC demands that by 2025 there will be fast, reliable, green, public buses for everyone in Kansas City.

1. Every Kansas City resident will live within ten-minute walking distance of a fast, frequent, reliable bus line.

2. Buses will come every 15 minutes and always be on time.

3. Public mass transit will be powered by good, dignified, unionized jobs.

4. Zero Fare forever.

5. All buses will be electrified.

6. All bus stops will be clean, accessible, and provide protection from the elements, with sidewalks, benches, and real-time transit information.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Protest At KCATA Meeting Delays Plans To Reinstate Bus Fares

Sunrise Movement's triumphs as in-person testimonies and hundreds of emails resulted in KCATA dropping plans to reinstate bus fares.