Jackson County Property Taxes Squeeze Kansas City Juice Man

A high profile denizen of the local discourse shares his small biz hardship and offers a glimpse at worsening challenges confronting everyone living & working in and around this cowtown.

Here's the word:

Chris Goode, the owner of Ruby Jeans Juicery, which has multiple locations across the metro area, says he has run out of time.

"It seems so real and so heavy today because this is the last business day of the year, he said.

Last year, the taxes on the Ruby Jeans Juicery building at 3000 Troost were just over $3,300. This year they're estimated to be $25,000.

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Sunday property tax deadline looms over local business owner whose taxes spiked more than 600%

Jackson County property owners have until Sunday, Dec. 31, to pay their property tax bills. Chris Goode, the owner of Ruby Jean's Juicery, says he has run out of time.