Jackson County Confirms Property Tax Billing Errors Amid Outcry

Even better . . . Here's a peek at how to find the correct information . . .

Jackson County spokesperson Marshanna Smith confirmed that in some cases, like Sather’s, homeowners may receive a paper bill with an incorrect property value on it. This is because bills are generated in October, but aren’t sent out until late November.

“Updates to (property) accounts do take some time,” she said. “They have to be adjusted to reflect the new value, and a new tax amount has to be recalculated.”

How do I find out how much I owe in property taxes?

Property tax bills are on their way to homeowners through the mail, both for personal property, which usually means your vehicle, as well as “real” property, meaning your home or land.

You can also look up the value of your property and the tax you owe on the county’s property account portal online. You can look up your property using a street address, the property owner’s name, a business name or your parcel number, if you know it.

Nine-digit parcel numbers represent personal property, usually meaning vehicles. Real estate parcel numbers are 17 digits long with lots of dashes. The county’s online property account portal will list both your property’s value and the taxes you owe.

“If a new value is showing on the account but is not reflected in the tax bill amount, a recalculation is in process by the collection department,” Smith said. “Adjusted paper bills will be mailed.”

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