Kansas City Star Accuses Suspected Dying Dirty Cop Of Murder?!?

The latest treatise from a Pulitzer winning newspaper scribe was originally posted with this headline:

"Why isn’t WyCo investigating Roger Golubski’s ties to woman found dead in 2021?"

It's a bit much and later drafts were toned down for those who are able to check the digital footprint. 

For context . . . We remind readers . . .

The suspected dirty cop in the Dotte is dying and this has given activists & newsies license to promote all manner of theories based on hearsay and rumor. 

Check this passage and notice that the award-winning news writer doesn't have much confidence in her own words . . . 

It’s possible, of course, that Serberthia Jean Tiller Bassett’s death had nothing to do with either her drug-dealing employer or with Golubski.

But that someone with such long and demonstrable ties to the disgraced cop turned up dead only two years ago, and the investigation, such as it was, seems to have been over before it started, is 10 kinds of wrong.

The law enforcement community in KCK should stop claiming that Golubski’s alleged predations, if there were any, happened so long ago that there’s nothing to worry about.

The lack of official curiosity about Serberthia Bassett’s association with Golubski and with the drug dealer makes it look like police don’t even want to know.

Which, after all that’s happened, can’t possibly be right. Right?

It’s not too late for investigators to hear what her family has to say, reopen the case, and see where the evidence leads.

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Shoddy investigation into 2021 death has ignored ties to ex-cop Roger Golubski | Opinion

Serberthia Bassett, whose body was dumped two years ago, repeatedly told Roger Golubski "to leave her the f--- alone when she was with us," says her son. From Melinda Henneberger: