Increasingly Divided Missouri: Symptom Of Worsening Civil Breakdown Threat?!?

Actually, no . . . Why???

Proximity is a major factor . . . We simply don't see each other very often . . . That's probably why there's so many weird theories about the other side of the equation. 

Despite our basement urban hangout . . . We'd like to substitute for the rural team if only because we hear that the "sharing economy" in the stix also includes shapely Midwestern white women in their mid-to-late 40s looking to "experiment" before the clock runs out.

But I digress . . . 

Again, because TKC is all about sharing the love . . . Here's a few things we all have in common: 

- Rural or urban -- Stats tell that it's likely we've all lost somebody to opioid addiction. 

- Rural or urban -- Health info reveals that both sets of Missouri porkers struggle with obesity and a myriad of health issues.

- Rural or urban -- Streets and highways in Missouri confront HORRIFIC maintenance and often crumble under winter weather despite politicos spewing conservative or progressive culture war propaganda. 

Accordingly . . . We take a moment to consider this sweet bit of prose from STL columnist Tony Messenger:

"In Missouri, we spend a lot of time talking about our differences. The rural-urban divide. Blue islands in a state that is now a sea of red. But our connections are there, even if they’re harder to find."

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Messenger: Can we bridge the rural-urban divide in Missouri? Yes, if we work at it.

Politics can obscure the fact that Missouri residents, across the state, have plenty in common. From small towns to big cities, the connections are there.

Context . . .

The Threat of Civil Breakdown Is Real

National security officials are still not prepared for a far-right revolt.

You decide . . .