Historic Kansas City Homicides Betray Dispute of GOP Scare Tactics

For the record regarding the horrific 2023 all-time homicide record garnered by this town . . .

It is a FACT that 2023 violent crime, homicides and property crime have spiked in Kansas City proper and so many surrounding metro communities. 

However . . . 

Going into an election year, Democratic Party leaders are working diligently to dispute the rising crime narrative that helps Republicans. 

Here's a glimpse at data and discourse . . .

"A Gallup survey released this month found that 77% of Americans believed crime rates were rising, despite the opposite - at least nationally - being true. That figure is divided politically: 92% of Republicans said they believed crime was getting worse, compared to 58% of Democrats. A poll from Pew Research released this year also found 59% of Americans thought violent crime was a “very big problem in the country today” and more Americans trusted Republicans than Democrats to tackle the issue."

However . . .  

Again, here is the crux of the progressive counterpoint that DOES NOT correspond to data in KCMO:

"The issue for Biden is one of perception.

"The heart of this Republican attack is that sentiment, along with crime rates that rose early in Biden’s term." 

Again . . .


In other words . . . 

Mayor Q & his council allies have FAILED to maintain the Democratic Party line and, yet again, serve as a national embarrassment within their own progressive ranks . . . Which is no small feat when we're talking about American politics going into 2024 campaign season.

This is a stunning, notable and exceptional FAIL on the part of local, mostly progressive local leaders who have helped to achieve a shameful footnote for 2023 crime data which, justifiably serves as a detriment to Democratic party election year campaigning.

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