Here's How Taylor Swift Conspiracy Distracts Kansas City Chiefs

Following their latest defeat Kansas City Chiefs fan outcry against the pop diva has grown more intense. 

That chatter is no longer confined to "manosphere" podcasts and, yes, the Yoko Ono comparisons are probably unfair . . . Taylor is bigger than the Beatles ever imagined. 

And no . . . 

Arguments against Taylor are more than just the ranting of "Dads, Brads & Chads." 

Here's our TKC conspiracy theory that has been unfairly, unjustly & unfortunately ignored: 

It's not romance or even blanket sports news coverage that has distracted the Kansas City Chiefs. Instead, consider the more likely option: The Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce liaison is nothing more than an intricately orchestrated publicity stunt by the front office and the NFL. — And this outright deception has taken its toll on the team's phsyche.

The pop diva has been woven into the "narrative" of the team and THIS CELEBRITY PR POWER MOVE has discourages ballers on the low end. Supporting class players know they'll never be a part of the elite ruling class like Mahomes & Kelce and this has undercut their motivation to play at peak levels. Accordingly, without a genuine team effort & a championship supporting cast, the Super Bowl QB & future Hall Of Famer TE look all too human, fallible and even unremarkable.

Even worse, celebrity fake news reminds players that football and on-the-field performance don't matter as much as positive media spin. This cruel reality is more distracting than love or even constant trolling by the sportscaster chattering class. 

Kansas City Chiefs know that their Super Bowl team is now a circus and NOBODY but Travis Kelce wants to play the clown just to secure the Swiftie fan base.

Ballers are accustomed to scrutiny from the media and Super Bowl champs can perform under intense pressure that would break most men. 

However . . . 

NOBODY likes to play the fool . . . And we believe that it's not Taylor Swift but the POP DIVA PUBLICITY STUNT CONSPIRACY ORCHESTRATED BY THE CHIEFS & THE NFL that's the real "distraction" confronted by the team that not even Coach Reid has adequately addressed. 

The man question that might help us all maintain our performance and/or live our lives: 

How can we transcend outright hypocrisy, elitism & duplicity in order to accomplish our worthwhile personal goals?!?

Here's the word and opposing viewpoints after the quote:

The Kansas City Chiefs are facing criticism after losing five of their last eight games, yet instead of focusing on the players on the field, several NFL fans — and even commentators — have shifted their focus to Travis Kelce’s girlfriend Taylor Swift.

Following the team’s tough loss to the Las Vegas Raiders on Monday, many angry fans took to Twitter to voice their frustration, comparing the 12-time Grammy winner to Yoko Ono, who was famously blamed for breaking up the Beatles after marrying John Lennon.

“Taylor Swift is Yoko Ono-ing the Chiefs,” one person tweeted, while another added, “Taylor is the Yoko of the Chiefs.”

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