Dodge City, Kansas Now 65% Latino With ZERO Political Representation

A silly TKC perspective . . . 

Why would any Latino want political work in Dodge City, Kansas?!?! The pay is lousy and any manual labor gig garners greater respect, appreciation and esteem from the public.

Meanwhile, this story isn't exactly "new" but this week the Washington Post takes up the plight of flyover country politics and the demographics of the future working against old school ideas like the Nation/State but CERTAINLY in favor of global corporations.


"One of thousands of Hispanic immigrants who have come to this city of 27,000 in Southwest Kansas over the past four decades to work in one of its plants. Known for its cowboy culture and as a symbol of the Western frontier, Dodge City, a quintessential emblem of an older, Whiter America, is now 65 percent Latino, according to U.S. Census data.

"But despite its changing demographics, Dodge City’s city commission – the local body in charge of enacting policies that affect its residents most directly, including housing, transportation, and education – remains nearly all White."

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