Did KC Students Solve Cerner HQ Crisis?!?

No, no they didn't and it was unfair to ask them to figure out how to replace Kansas City's biggest private employer. 

Here's a peek at what they came up with and a reminder that, given worsening class-disparity, Universal Basic Income isn't any more impractical/unsustainable than sending BILLIONS of bucks to Ukraine every year with no end in sight to that European war . . . Check-it:

The student group landed on two redevelopment possibilities for the former World Headquarters:

- A mini-community with different mixed uses, including an expansion of the adjacent hospital;

- Or a college campus, either to support a new metro presence for an existing institution, like the Missouri University of Science and Technology or Washington University in St. Louis, or creation of a new one.

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Kansas City students brainstorm new life for former Cerner headquarters

A team of students hope a semester-long project will spark creative redevelopment ideas for Cerner Corp.'s former headquarters in North Kansas City.