Did Downtown Kansas City Office Conversion Contribute To Youngster's Deadly Fall?!?

Recently, Kansas City mourned a youngster who fell to his death from a downtown apartment. 

Police continue to investigate the circumstances of the tragedy but insiders are noting the role of a trend that other locals news outlets haven't yet mentions.

First . . . A fact about local urban life . . .

Kansas City ranks among the top 10 cities in the country when it comes to converting older buildings to apartments, the large majority of them downtown office towers, according to a new report by RENTCafé.

Moreover . . .

Recent conversions are powered by KCMO tax breaks wherein many developers pledge to include "affordable" units in their designs. 

Fact . . . Some of these units are nearly 100% subsidized when housing vouchers and other assistance programs come into play. 

The danger that's becoming increasingly obvious is the office conversions don't always keep in mind the needs of young families. Also, old school Kansas City buildings were designed for adults and not youngsters.

And so . . . Insiders tell our www.TonysKansasCity.com blog community that the implications of recent tragedy require more than just vigils and expressions of sadness from local leaders but also serious investigation of risk to residents given that new 12th & Oak policy is CLEARLY slapdash and doesn't have much consideration for the safety of younger families now moving inside the loop.

Developing . . .