Dead-Tree Postscript: Did Kansas City Star Become Irrelevant In 2023?!?

We don't believe in year-end reviews here at TKC but here's what we noticed as local journalists go to desperate lengths to justify their employment at the outset of the A.I. age . . .

Other than helping to promote Kansas City racial tension after a youngster was shot in the Northland. Cowtown newspaper reporting didn't really resonate this year. 

This fact of life is evidenced by consistently low-turnout elections wherein newspaper reporting didn't impact the outcome one way or another and social media activism conned the last remaining voters willing to participate in local elections. 

And this begs the question . . .


Our progressive friends seem to take their lead from the "public" local news cartel funded by corporate sponsorship, elite donors & viewers like you. 

Local TV news is still the best way to get cheap publicity. 

And even a suburban blog might have more influence than the newspaper . . . Social media groups often/also serve as a sometimes worthwhile resource and or a monumental waste of time.

Meanwhile . . . 

It's hard to argue that the newspaper still sets the agenda . . . Of course, they claim otherwise:

"In 2023, Star reporters, visual journalists and editors balanced a variety of stories that entertained and informed people throughout the Kansas City region."

Read more via link . . .

As the new year comes, we reflect on the Star journalism that had impact in 2023

The Star's coverage of Ralph Yarl, the Marion newspaper raid, government failures, fentanyl, and racism informed readers in Kansas and Missouri.