CityScene KC Development Blog Kaput

Not a big deal for the reading public but politicos and denizens of the downtown discourse are currently lamenting the loss of their 2nd favorite cheerleader scribe. 

Of course, we wish Kevin Collison the very best in his retirement and here at TKC we've found that our blogging is much better when we don't take things personally. 

However . . .

We all knew CityScene mostly served as a publication to help hype the pro-development agenda inside the loop. 

What you don't know . . .

Downtown KC officials have budgeted cash to keep promoting their talking points even after the blog departs into that great good night condo in the sky. 

And so . . . 


The applicant must have some kind of "journalistic" credentials to cash in . . . Or a very pretty face and other "assets" to interest the scumbag suits and their development schemes.

Originally . . . A washed out journalist from The Pitch was able to grab some of this cash and make his blogging pay for a few years. 

Collison was far more professional than the old Pitch castaway and brought a great deal of worthwhile info to the game.

Here's his swan song post . . .

After more than 40 years working as a journalist in Fremont (NE), Omaha, Buffalo and finally Kansas City, I’m ready to retire from full-time work.

I’d like to thank all of you who paid to read CityScene the past few years and kept it going. The plan calls for those subscriptions to be canceled by the end of this week and refunds issued if yours runs into January.

As for the more than 1,500 articles published since its start, CityScene anticipates donating its archives to Flatland KC, the online news platform for Kansas City PBS.  I also intend to continue reporting for Flatland on occasion as a freelancer.

Read more via link . . .

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