Can Superheroes Save Kansas City???

Of course not . . . In fact, it seems like the public is growing tired of comic book heroism if the recent performance of The Marvels is any indication

Nevertheless . . . 

A new book with a cast of authors that includes many of our favorite creatives hopes to accomplish this: 

"Demonstrate the connection between popular culture's most beloved heroes and lessons in handling real life conflict."

That would be nice . . . Sadly, most voters would be happy if KC political "heroes" just made sure the trash was picked up in a timely manner. 

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In a new book, Kansas City writers cite superheroes for leadership lessons

The new book "Power Up: Leadership, Character and Conflict Beyond the Superhero Multiverse" uses the stories of superheroes to reveal lessons that can be applied to our everyday lives. The book was co-created and co-edited by Kansas City entertainment journalist Jon Niccum.