Brit Tabloids Claim 'Bad Blood' Betwixt Brittany Mahomes & Taylor Swift

Here's a bigger problem . . .

Kansas City news isn't having much fun with Taylor Swift. 

It's all bake sale coverage, a few hospital visits and reporting as if she was the damn Queen of England and not just some rube who won life's lottery.

And so . . .

We turn to this quote from across the pond to spice up local conceptions of celebrity life that aren't REALLY known to the plebs who only have a few fleeting moments to consider this kind of nonsense whilst scrounging for their next meal . . . Check-it:

"Since dating Kelce, Swift has appeared to strike up a tight friendship with former women’s soccer player Brittany, who tied the knot to quarterback Patrick last year, but now there are rumours that Bad Blood is brewing. It's been claimed Brittany released information about her hangouts with Taylor, which left the singer far from impressed."

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Taylor Swift 'distancing' herself from new best friend Brittany Mahomes

Bad Blood is said to be bubbling between Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes, who is married to Patrick Mahomes, teammate of the pop star's boyfriend Travis Kelce