Allegation Against IHOPKC: Leader 'Prophesy' Sparked Sexual Relationship

An activist blog offers more insight into claims against a local religious leader . . .

This one seems messy . . . Here as an excerpt quote, as usual, highlighted in italics and bold text:

She said Bickle told her he had a dream about her. After a Sunday service, in front of Bickle’s wife, Diane, 'Jane Doe' said Bickle prophesied that he was David and Doe was Esther.

“He gives me the biggest word of my life,” she told TRR.  “It was, ‘You’re not just an Esther, you are going to lead thousands of Esthers . . . ’”

CONT'D . . .

He begins to tell me that the Lord has spoken to him and that Diane [his wife] is going to die and that we’re going to get married,” she said.  “As he’s talking to me, I’m thinking, ‘Is he drunk?’ And he did start talking about the alcohol that was in the fridge that he had been drinking.”

From 1996 to 1999, 'Jane Doe' said Bickle put her up in an apartment by herself, gave her a key to his office, engaged in sexual interactions with her, and told her about the dream, again and again. He also began establishing the International House of Prayer Kansas City (IHOPKC).

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