Activist Clay Chastain Shares 'Daring' Plan To Save Kansas City

And now . . . A word from the longtime local activist who lost his latest mayoral bid by more than 60 points.

Still, in fairness, here at we wanted to share his note if only because it offers a relevant glimpse at online sentiment opposing Mayor Q and the traction (or lack thereof) that has been achieved . . . Not for lack of trying . . . 

Here's the word: 

Clay Chastain press release: If KC's level of public safety is the ultimate measure of success for both the City & Mayor Lucas, then both have failed the people. KC needs a daring leader with a daring plan to improve safety & revive our City. When Lucas steps down, Chastain will move to become Mayor & place before voters a comprehensive initiative to redirect our destiny.

While the City rallies for another Super Bowl year, it tallies another Super Homicide year. The City's grave homicide-dynamic has not only devastated the Black Community, but has also undermined our City's tax base, image, quality of life and chance at an urban renaissance. To unshackle our Community from this paralyzing fate, is to connect it to an unbounded future. "Operation Revival" is a comprehensive Initiative designed to achieve comprehensive our people, improve our City, enhance our future.

"Operation Revival":            

(Preliminary ballot language) Shall the City adopt, fund & implement the "Operation Revival" Initiative to initiate the following changes, directives & improvements to the City:

A. Public Safety...

1. Enact strong deterrents to prevent gun-related crimes in the City including automatic sentences (10 / 20 / 30.... +years) without early release or parole,
2. Recruit (qualified) men to be Fathers to Fatherless inner City youth,
3. Establish Vocational / Trade Schools in (vacant) inner City public schools,
4. Expand modern transportation options in inner City,
5. Clean inner City of trash, litter & graffiti & promote more inner City investment;

B. Public Transportation...

1. Construct Monorail Spine connecting ..KCI, the Northland, Downtown, Union Station & the Plaza,
2. Construct Citywide Greenways (park-style, separated corridors for cycling, pedestrian & E-transit) connecting neighborhoods & to Monorail,
3. Construct Regional Transportation Center @ Union Station's north wing;

C. The Plaza...

1. City to secure ownership of Plaza (via eminent domain) & assign new *Council Plaza Committee* to its oversight, control & operation,
2. Plaza to receive new police units (walking the beat) & a new Plaza Police SubStation,
3. Plaza to be an E-transit / pedestrian-oriented & family-friendly destination & include new green space & Plaza Farmers Market,
4. Plaza to promote locally-owned businesses, return to Spanish-style architecture & disallow further hi-rise, corporate box buildings;

D. City Charter...

1. City to amend Charter so validated & facially constitutional petitions must be placed before voters on the next available ballot & in their "original form";

E.  Green Downtown Park...

1. Penn Valley Park to be rejuvenated into a new safe & natural (transit-oriented / open green space / recreational trails / road & vehicle-free) Central City Park;

F. Taxation & Funding...

1. City to eliminate 1% Earnings Tax in 2026,
2. City to impose 1/2-cent capital improvement sales tax in 2025 (25-years) to help fund Initiative,
3. City to utilize new capital improvement tax to leverage federal transit, safety & infrastructure funds to help fund Initiative,
2. City to eliminate the Port Authority, TIF Commission & EDC (replaced with new *Council Economic Committee*) to help fund Initiative?

KC Activist, Clay Chastain


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