Vinyl Renaissance & Audio Enjoy Last Spin

We love stories about outdated tech going the way of the dodo and this hipster story offers insight into a beloved local institution and their swan song . . .

Dan & Eva Phillips started selling records out of a Johnson County store in 2005, after several years of pedaling their wax online and out of their home. While they’ve bounced locations a few times, the Metcalf location has been their main home since 2015, where there are currently more than 50k records and CDs available along with various music adjacent memorabilia.

The closure comes as Dan Phillips, now approaching 72 years of age, is ready for his next adventure.

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Vinyl Renaissance & Audio in Overland Park to close at year's end

Vinyl Renaissance & Audio begins the long process of winding down. // Photo by Brock Wilbur Vinyl Renaissance & Audio is set to close on New Year's Eve of this year, after decades of presence across the metro serving as a hub for music lovers and the greater scene.