TKC Reader Calls Out Missouri AG Bailey For 'Clout Chasing' In Defense Of Elon Musk

Credit to our KICK-ASS TKC BLOG COMMUNITY for finding this local connection.

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"The ridiculousness of State pols clout chasing in an arena where they have no (apparent) jurisdiction.  I'm not sure what or how a Company based in DC (Media Matters) possibly committing fraud against a Company based in Cali (Twitter) has anything to do with the Missouri State AG's office . . ."

Here's more on the story . . . 

"Republican Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced that his team is investigating left-leaning news organization Media Matters over allegations of criminal and civil violations . . . The specific allegations that Attorney General Bailey's Office is investigating pertain to recent findings that Media Matters allegedly created fake social media accounts to game the X servers in order to create false impressions for its hit piece on Elon Musk."

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BREAKING: Missouri AG office investigates allegations that Media Matters created accounts and gamed servers for hit piece targeting X

"My team is looking into this matter."